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What's Happening Now Around Innis

The Food and Nutrition Committee Welcomes You!

Excited to be living on your own? Don’t really know what to cook for yourself? Don’t worry – come check out the Food & Nutrition committee. We will be hosting cooking workshops, sharing recipes, and most importantly, learning from each other! Keep your eyes peeled for the first Introductory Cooking Workshop sometime in September and check out our Facebook. Look for our table during Clubs Day and be sure to sign up! Everyone can pitch in to help make cooking at Innis exciting, easy, and fun.

MoveU Volunteer Opportunities

Want to be a MoveU Crew member and get CCR recognition as a volunteer!?

We’re holding open info sessions at the Gradroom (66 Harbord St – at Harbord & Spadina – inside and down the stairs from the Second Cup) on August 12th and 13th at 1:30pm! Like what you hear; stick around for the group interviews from 2:00-3:15pm. NO PREP REQUIRED!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Join the Health and Wellness Club at Innis!

The Health and Wellness Club welcomes you to another school year at Innis! This year we have tons of exciting activities such as Zumba, Wen-do, and Yoga to help keep off that freshman 15. We also have spa and massage events taking place during the midterm season in order to help you relax. We’re looking forward to a fun year with you guys – hope to see you soon!

You can find our table at the Innis Club day during Frosh Week! Go to the Office of Student Life page for the Health and Wellness Committee to learn more about past events and how to get involved!

Check Out Innis Arts and Culture!

The Innis Arts and Culture Committee is committed to building a tight-knit community within the college in which to celebrate the artistic and cultural nature of Toronto. We will be participating in several festivals, planning trips to major attractions, exploring local neighbourhoods, and other various events planned by the committee throughout the year.

Join us on Facebook, or contact to sign-up for the mailing list.

Get Involved as a Community Project Leader for U of T!

9:00AM – 5:30PM
Register by SEPTEMBER 15

Community Project Leader Training will provide you with a forum for exchanging ideas and developing new skills. This training will be specifically geared toward students that hold a positional leadership role that involves working collaboratively with community partners and students toward a common goal. This training will help give you the tools needed to facilitate a community based opportunity for students using a service-learning approach. Come to the training and information session to find out more!

Go to the Registration Page now to sign up, and for more information, check out our site!

Get Involved With Innis Community Outreach!

Innis Community Outreach provides a number of unique opportunities for the students of Innis College at the University of Toronto. We connect students to volunteer opportunities and provide placements in nursing homes, food banks, and international charities; fundraise for a number of charitable organizations; and provide a variety of programs, lectures, and activities to broaden your own experience of university, the city, and indeed the world. If you are interested in issues, discussions, and making a positive change in the world around you, Community Outreach is for you! We are trying a number of new things this year, from collaborating with a number of Innis- and UofT-wide clubs, from artistic to athletic to musical, and our events are a great way to discover the neighbourhoods, issues, and challenges that face our local community. Most importantly, the outings and activities we engage in are strikingly fun as well as socially conscious. A more detailed schedule of the year’s events and activities will be released at the end of August.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates as well as interesting articles, photos, and comments from your fellow Innis College students.

Join the Skills for Success Committee for the 2014/2015 year!

We will be hosting many events throughout the year to help prepare you for the future and help students hone their skills for academic success at UofT! This year we will be hosting events such as:

  • Grad Expo
  • Employment Expo
  • Going Global (Study Abroad)

And many more! Skills for Success is also open to new ideas so join the committee and contribute. Keep your eyes open
for us at Clubs Day, on Tuesday, September 2nd to sign up!

If you have any further questions email: